KOK KOK KOOOOOK…. my alarm clock started my day today. Woke up at 3 a.m. to watch my dearly football club Liverpool pitting against Chelsea (happen to be my elder daughter’s favourite team) for another European Champion League Cup spot, after MU’ 1-0 win against Barcelona the night before. Feeling down with the match result, at 6 a.m. proceeded to the lake side recreational centre about 1.5km away, for a morning walk. On the way home, after five laps of brisk walking ( equal to about 5 km), drop by at the apek coffeeshop for a cup of kopi o kaw and a glimpse at today’s local paper headlines. As expected, it’s about our country’ Parliment first day sitting. “CHAOTIC FIRST DAY”, “BIG FOOT AND BIG MONKEY”. What a shame! Well, its only the first day, anyway. Hopefully these so called politician will fine tuned their approach in the next sitting. Let see.. after all it is LIVE!

Personally, i am not interested with their hooh hah.. a politician will always be a politician, as what the great KARL MARX once said, WE ARE A POLITICAL ANIMALS. He is damned right, no matter how apolitical some said they are, deep down the line they (we) are part of the political processes..

That’s all for now.. although it’s labour day holiday, but that is applies only to those who work hard to earn thier fixed salaries. To me, every day is a holiday..



About dusunbukit

You've got your truth, I've got my truth. We can't be both wrong. The real challenge is to discern the difference. Pardon me if I offend you, but I'm going to put my words bluntly. So, lets rumble..
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