STAR gaining momentum as PBS ran amok.

PBS running amok with the Sabah Umno issue

It’s true, as PBS vice-president Herbert T Lagadan pointed out, that Dr Jeffrey Kitingan previously attempted to join Sabah Umno, not once, but twice. He was rejected both times.

He was merely carrying out a directive from the Huguan Siou of Sabah, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan: “join Sabah Umno and help destroy it from within or change it, in that order. It’s being led by the nose by Kuala Lumpur”.

When the Huguan Siou, the Bravest of the Bravest, issues you a Direct Order, you don’t hesitate. This is War!

Unfortunately, Umno headquarters — read Dr Mahathir Mohamad — rejected Dr J’s bid to join Sabah Umno quietly under his name as per his IC.

When Dr J’s bid to sign up with Sabah Umno failed, Pairin decided to stick with the Barisan Nasional. He pledged to help destroy Sabah Umno or change it from within.

Nothing of that sort — destruction of Sabah Umno from within or change — has happened so far.

In fact, Pairin seems very comfortable with Sabah Umno while the people are suffering living in the poorest state in Malaysia.

Pairin was once the Bravest of the Bravest not only in Sabah but in Malaysia and the region.

His fame as a Great Warrior spread far and wide.

Today, sadly, he’s a shadow of his previous self. He has become a toothless, aging and sick lion, unable to venture out from his cave to join in the hunt and play his role as the King of the Jungle.

Pairin should honestly examine his conscience. You can bluff some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

The Huguan Siou of Sabah is supposed to be the Bravest of the Bravest.

Pairin today lives in fear.

He lives in fear of his shadows.

He lives in fear of fear itself.

He continques to squat on the people of Sabah.

Pairin knows that Sabah Umno has not been incorporated locally.

He knows its leaders are selected by Putrajaya, by the Orang Malaya, by evil people who want to rule us from far across the sea.

He knows that the Chief Ministers of Sabah since 1994 have been selected by Putrajaya, by the Orang Malaya, not by the people of Sabah, not by the state assembly, not by the state constitution, not by the TYT, not by the Huguan Siou.

Sabah Umno is a plot by Putrajaya and the Orang Malaya against the people of Sabah.

It’s a plot to deprive the people of Sabah of the autonomy promised them by the 1963 Malaysia Agreement under which Sabah helped form the Federation of Malaysia as an equal partner with Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya. One of four territories, not one of 13 states.

Sabah Umno must incorporate locally and pick its own leaders, free of interference from Putrajaya and the Orang Malaya who want to rule us like colonialists.

The Chief Minister of Sabah must be picked by the people of Sabah, the state assembly, the state constitution, the TYT and the Huguan Siou.

Putrajaya and the Orang Malaya must stop picking the Chief Minister of Sabah in defiance of the people of Sabah, in defiance of the state assembly, in defiance of the state constitution, in defiance of the TYT and in defiance of the Huguan Siou who is the Bravest of the Bravest.


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One Response to STAR gaining momentum as PBS ran amok.

  1. Rainus Awang says:

    Recently I completed my 2 weeks tour over Tambunan Districts, having Nukakatan as my last destination. I have interviewed several people of both sexes, the young and the old. the oldest was a man of 82 yrs old.Summing up the reponse, I found out that 70% do not fvor Pairin as their YB anymore after 36 yrs of DARK TAMBUNAN under him. 21% still favors him whilst 9% not sure or simply sitting on the fence.

    So the article above is correct, that PAIRIN IS A TOOTHLESS BULLDOG!

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