STAR Sabah-UBA should go for total State Reforms

Reading between the lines on STAR Sabah’s Chairman, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan’s statement pertaining to the subjects of his party’s struggle “STAR Sabah fighting for Sabah rights NOT Sabah for Sabahans”, it can be concluded that he has broaden his political dimension to include Sarawak as being part of the MA63. And that could be the rationale behind his deccision of taking up State Reform Party (STAR) Sarawak as his political platform for this coming GE13.

It was believed that Sabah for Sabahans was mooted by Dr Jeffrey while he was the head of PBS’s ‘Think Tank’ way back in 1985 and can be considered as the beginning of his struggle in fighting to revive Sabah’s independent rights in the federation of Malaysia.

Everything was revealed in his article, that was made known later on as was written in the letter while he was in the jungle trying to evade the ISA arrest in 1991; of which the publisher ( titled it as “Sabah – A Colony of Malaya” based on Tun Mahathir’s press statement in February 21, 1991.

Is Sabah really a Colony of Malaya? I will come back to this issue in the next article.

Right now, STAR Sabah-UBA is having talk with PR on distribution of seats for Sabah’s DUN and MP seats. This effort was taken to realize the people’s expectation of a one-to-one fight with the mighty-dirty UMNO-BN in Sabah in the coming GE13. The talks are ongoing and result would be made known soonest a decision has been reached.


As UBA component members, USNO seems to have no problems in claiming to at least 20 DUN and 6 MP seats presently identified as strongholds of UMNO, mostly located in the East Coast. This could be seen as their leverage to UMNO for cheating and manipulating USNO members since 1990.

SAPP decided to join UBA in a meeting chaired by Tan Sri Simon Sipaun on the 2 March 2012 after its Supreme Council made its decision on the 29 February 2012. And SAPP maintained its stand to contest in 40 DUN seats, while STAR Sabah has not made any announcement as yet although eyeing for at least 33 DUN and 13 MP seats.

There may be some overlaps, but USNO is willing to compromise while STAR Sabah and SAPP are having intense negotiations in some overlapping areas i.e. N4 Matunggong, N6 Tempasuk, N7 Kadamaian, N37 Sook and N12 Tamparuli.

SAPP is claiming supposedly to have well organized divisional offices in those areas whilst STAR Sabah’s grassroot supports are expanding. Either way, UBA is in control and predicted to win in at least 43 DUN and 20 MP seats. The seats aforementioned would not be stated here just yet and they are for the UMNO-BN to find out.

Therefore, UBA should be concentrating more towards formulating a Common Agenda and Manifesto whereby the main objectives are not only to change the present government but to overhaul the whole governing system including its delivery system; publicising it so the people could make wiser decisions.

Having said that, it is my belief that UBA should pay more attentions to areas where the present government has failed miserably i.e. in protecting the State’s and its peoples’ rights.

STAR Sabah’s “Petroleum Master Plan” and “Land and NCR Reforms Agenda” should be incorporated onto UBA’s manifesto and be made known to every Sabahans in various languages.

Should there be no compromise between UBA and PR in terms of seats allocation negotiations, Sabahans would need to take up the responsibility to decide and vote only for local parties in UBA; which is the ABPM (Asal Bukan Parti Malaya – including their proxies and stooges in Sabah) slogan which would be more preferable as compared to ABU (Asal Bukan UMNO).

Sabah’s experience under UMNO-BN can be a good lesson to learn and clearly tells the Sabahans that only local parties can make state reforms a reality.

UNITY is the key word to victory.


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