Bumburing Needs to be Clear on Sabah’s Status

“STAR Sabah welcomes Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing’s decision to resign as Tuaran Barisan Nasional chief and hopes that he will eventually leave the BN and take pro-active action to take on BN and fight for Sabah’s rights” stated Edward Linggu, Star Sabah Information Chief in a press statement released today.

We hope that Bumburing is sincere in his actions in leaving the BN and his departure is not due to other reasons as rumoured that he is leaving because he is not expected to be re-nominated to defend his Tuaran seat.  We also trust that he will also leave behind all his government posts to show his sincerity as the people will view with suspicion if he leaves one leg still inside the BN state government.

Similarly, we trust that many of his other Upko leaders that will be leaving with him are leaving to fight for Sabah’s rights and not due to the reason that their departures are due to non-candidacy as they are from areas which are traditionally non-Upko seats and cannot be candidates.

While his departure from BN is not unexpected as rumours have been swirling for several months, the latest rumours appear that many other BN leaders including from Sabah Umno will also be leaving to join the opposition.  If they all are sincere to seek the restoration of Sabah’s rights and autonomy, it augurs well for Sabah’s future.

As we have been saying all along even from UBF days, Sabah leaders need to re-emphasize their priorities to defend Sabah’s position and autonomy as an independent nation-state within Malaysia and not rely on outsiders.

In addition, Sabah’s status is one of the original 4 equal partners that agreed to form Malaysia in 1963 and Sabah did not join as one of the 13 states.

We trust that Bumburing will be clear on Sabah’s status as an equal partner in Malaysia with Malaya and Sarawak.

The scenario of the 2008 general elections will likely be similar in the forthcoming 13th general elections with Sabah and Sarawak playing the role as kingmakers in determining who forms the federal government in Putrajaya.

Sabah leaders need to leverage on this position and utilize this window of opportunity to support STAR Sabah’s Borneo Agenda as well as to change the BN state and federal governments and seek the restoration of Sabah’s rights and autonomy.

We trust that Bumburing will join Star Sabah in coalition and stand united to restore Sabah’s rights and autonomy within the federation of Malaysia and not fall into the trap of divide and rule policies of Peninsular parties.


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