The shocking revelations at the RCI can only mean one conclusion, that is, Project IC exists  and that Sabah is a big mess and screwed up by UMNO/Malaya and Malaysia and Sabah needs to be saved.   The Malaysia today is not the Malaysia that our forefathers wished or wanted.

“The purpose of this Press Conference is to send out an urgent SOS to all Sabahans regardless of race, religion and ethnicity to stand united and save Sabah, “SELAMATKAN SABAH TANAH AIRKU” in the light of the shocking but not unexpected revelations at the on-going RCI hearing so far” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR SABAH at a press conference held today.

No government in the world that is patriotic and loves its citizens would do what Umno and the BN government has done to Sabah.   It is high treason of the highest degree and in past history, many would have been beheaded or hanged for lesser treason offences.

From the RCI disclosures, we can see that we have been governed by leaders that would not have been elected had not illegitimate voters have been inserted and allowed to vote.  The present Umno/BN government is illegitimate and should not be allowed to continue and be replaced by a non-partisan caretaker government.

Whilst we cannot change what has happened and leave it to the powers that be to untangle the mess that Sabah is in and punish the culprits and their mastermind, we, all Sabahans, can all make a difference and determine our own future and our own destiny.

We cannot leave it to the Sabah leaders alone, especially those in the Umno/BN government, to save Sabah from further damage and further control by foreigners and from decision-making of our future.

Do you think the leaders of PBS, UPKO, LDP and the like will leave BN and stand on the side of Sabah and ordinary Sabahans?  Your guess is as good as mine.

They do not care for the future of Sabah, they do not care for our future and the future of our children and their children.  By this, we mean all Sabahans including immigrants who become Sabahans legitimately and who are entitled to be Sabahans and Malaysians.

Even if these leaders care, they cannot do anything about it as they are tied down in BN and more so when many of them have files and dossiers on them.  At best, they will leave it to Umno, big brother in BN.    We cannot expect thieves to catch thieves.

The general election is just round the corner.   If we leave everything to the RCI and the completion of their tasks in 6 months time, it will be too late.   Even then there is no guarantee that action will be taken to correct and rectify the grave injustice done to Sabah and the legitimate Sabahans, particularly the natives of Sabah, whether they are KDMs, Bajaus, Suluks, Ubian, Iranun, Kedayan, Bisaya, Rungus, Sungei, Lun Bawang, Sino-natives, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and the many others.

Therefore, we the ordinary Sabahans must unite and kick out this illegitimate Umno/BN government.  There is simply no choice for us unless we want to allow them to continue and destroy Sabah and allow illegal immigrants to continue to be given citizenships and even in cases of non-citizens, the right to vote and decide our future and our destiny.

We owe it to our children and their children to take action right now to correct the injustices done to us in Sabah or regret for the rest of our lives.

Whilst we respect the RCI and the arduous task that it is undertaking, we wish to reply to the opinions of our past and present Prime Minister as well as one of our previous Chief Minister.

Whoever is the Chief Minister of Sabah, he must take every action to safeguard the interests of Sabah and Sabahans.   We regret the view of one of our past Chief Minister who, by his own admission, has failed in his duty in protecting Sabah, when he nonchalantly stated that it was the prerogative of the federal government to grant citizenship.

STAR Sabah stands by its view that Sabah is a nation by itself and an equal partner in Malaysia. No doubt that the granting of federal citizenship is within the powers of the federal government, citizenship of Sabah comes under the purview of the Sabah Chief Minister and Sabah government.  Every Sabahan citizen is a federal citizen but every federal citizen is not necessarily a Sabah citizen.   That is why when West Malaysians enter Sabah and Sarawak, they are subject to immigration rules and they are not allowed to work without a legitimate work permit or to reside in Sabah beyond 3 months without approval.

At the same time, the federal government cannot and should not grant federal citizenships or the right to vote to every Tom, Dick and Harry, who is a muslim.  We should only award citizenships to qualified people who can contribute to the country.

In granting citizenships, it is by way of operation of law or by naturalization.  Granting of citizenships to children of citizens is by way of law.   Giving MyKads based on fraudulent declaration of place of birth in Sabah is not naturalization.  It is fraud.

Yet, one of our past Prime Minister is defending the granting of citizenships based on fraud.   Our Prime Minister may be right in saying that giving of citizenships is not wrong if it is done according to law.   Yet, at the same time, he is merely saying what the law says.   He should add that giving of citizenships not according to law is wrong and that the perpetuators should be punished.

Comparing citizenships during the formation of the Federation of Malaya in 1957 and in Sabah is totally out of point and out of order.

Firstly, in 1957, it was agreed that citizenships of Malaya be granted to residents in Malaya by application and to children of federal Malaya citizens.  This was provided in the Federation of Malaya constitution.   In any instance, this situation is no longer applicable when the Federation of Malaya formed the Federation of Malaysia in 1963 with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore.   Secondly, comparing citizenship of Malaya with citizenship of Malaysia is wrong and out of context as it involves 2 different countries and is not an apple-to-apple comparison.  Malaya is not Malaysia.

Thirdly, citizenship for Sabahans in Malaysia is clearly set out in the recommendation of paragraph 148(k) of the Cobbold Commission and Point 10 of the 20-Points.   The fraudulent issuance of blue ICs and MyKads to the foreigners as disclosed in the RCI hearings are not in accordance with the Cobbold Commission recommendations and Point 10 or even the Federal Constitution.

The problem in Sabah is not just federal citizenships but the abuse and misuse of voting rights given to dubious voters and foreigners as voters-for-hire at RM20 per head.

As a result of these dubious voters and voters-for-hire, we hear of at least 2 cases of Umno candidates, including a former Chief Minister, winning in the 1994 elections, defeating PBS candidates.

“I am not defending PBS here but it is a fact and this should be PBS’ story and their silence clearly shows why PBS and other BN components can no longer be relied to defend Sabah’s rights” added Jeffrey.

We, Sabahans should not allow foreigners and illegal voters to take-away our political franchise and we should not allow Umno/BN to use these dubious voters to remain in power.   Their objective is evil and purely for political reasons and to continue to control and colonize Sabah and take-away Sabah’s wealth and oil and gas resources.

At the same time, genuine Sabahans are deprived of their MyKads and citizenships and deprived from exercising their right to vote.   In the interiors, native Sabahans have to travel sometimes hundreds of kilometres to apply and then return again to collect their MyKads.   This is not the case for the foreigners who have their MyKads hand-delivered to them personally and who are given houses, perks, allowances, subsidies, even loans for their businesses while the natives often get nothing or mere zinc sheets and “tangki 1-Malaysia”.

To add to these dubious and foreign voters, the federal government has planted hundreds, even thousands of their security forces as local voters.   In Petagas, Putatan, Bugaya, Semporna, Karambunai, Sepanggar, Sebatik, Kalabakan, these security forces voters determine the outcome of the elections, not the local voters.  In Sg. Sibuga, Karamunting and several other constituencies, they number several hundreds and account for up to 5% or more of the voters and influence the outcome of the elections.

STAR Sabah will propose and pass the necessary laws to make only Sabahans vote in Sabah constituencies so that Sabah’s future is decided by Sabahans.

The security forces and non-Sabahans will be allowed to cast their votes in Sabah but they will be sent back to their home constituencies for counting.   In any event and in many instances, these security forces have failed to live up to their expectations to protect Sabah and many Sabahans are living in fear due to the rising crime and illegals roaming all over Sabah.

The shocking revelations at the RCI can only mean one conclusion, that is, Project IC exists  and that Sabah is a big mess and screwed up by UMNO/Malaya and Malaysia and Sabah needs to be saved.   The Malaysia today is not the Malaysia that our forefathers wished or wanted.

We cannot trust the present government to resolve the problems that have been created.  Therefore, tough and drastic steps need to be taken.  STAR Sabah propose the following be implemented:-

(1) Resignation of the present government;


(3) Immediate re-activation of the INTER-GOVERNMENTAL COMMITTEE (IGC);

(4) Immediate review of the MALAYSIA AGREEMENT 1963 and related documents;

(5) Establish an independent non-partisan SABAH ELECTORAL REVIEW COMMITTEE to clean up the Electoral Rolls as the current electoral rolls has already been proven to be tainted and the Election Commission cannot be trusted to clean up the same;

(6) Exempt Sabah and Sarawak from the coming PRU-13 until the Sabah Electoral Rolls are totally cleaned up and free from dubious, illegitimate and foreigner voters as there can be no fair and free elections with the current electoral rolls;

(7) Immediate withdrawal of Umno and all Malayan political parties from Sabah;

(8) New elections be held to elect a new Sabah government;

(9) There be new negotiations for the terms for the formation of Malaysia comprising Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak as equal partners;

(10) All Sabahans must unite to take back control of SABAH TANAH AIRKU;

(11) All local component parties of Sabah BN should withdraw from BN and form a local alliance or join the UNITED BORNEO ALLIANCE (UBA) to fight for and safeguard Sabah’s interests and rights in Malaysia.

The coming PRU-13 can be for Malaya/West Malaysia to determine the federal government of Malaya that will be formed after PRU-13 and that will work with the governments of Sabah and Sarawak to form the federal government of Malaysia;

At the same time, we appeal to all Sabahans across the political divide to come together and make a united stand to support STAR Sabah and its alliance partners including USNO to vote out the evil Umno/BN government and to take back our beloved Sabah before it is too late.

We cannot allow illegitimate voters and foreigners to vote and determine the future of Sabah.  The future of Sabah lies in the hands of us Sabahans, not outsiders or Sabahans under the control of outsiders.


Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan

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  1. This statement could be the reason for the Sulu Sultan Army’s incursion into Sabah. It is like a call to all Sabah natives to deport part of the more than 800K Suluk dan Tausug immigrants in Sabah who Jeffrey charged have been granted citizenship through fraud by Umno/BN with the complicity of the said Suluk n Tausug immigrants. The statement could have created a sense of insecurity among the Suluk and Tausug immigrants in Sabah to force the immigrants to send an SOS to their relatives and friends in the southern islands of The Philippines.

  2. Some people adverse twds Jeffrey/STAR charged that Jeffrey is of Tausug/Suluk descendancy; his grandfather was a Tausug Datuk but married to a Dusun woman. They purported Jeffrey had met with an heir of e Sulu Sultanate not friendly to the Kiram family to discuss e return of Sabah to the Sulu Sultanate and through the Sultanate, The Philippines with which nation Jeffrey is further purported to have a close affliation on the basis that both Jeffrey and the leaders of The Philippines are Catholic Christians. If this story is true, then Jeffrey call to the Sabahans to overthrow Umno/BN which he deemed an illegitimate government because of the Project IC issue and to also reject Pakatan Rakyat could be construed as an attempt to strike fear and insecurity on the Suluk and Tausug immigrants leading to an uprising by the immigrants supported by local Suluks, Tausugs and Bajaus as well as those from the southern islands of the Philippines. If successful, the Suluks and Tausugs may then call upon the Sulu Sultanate/Philippines to take over in the name of preserving peace and order.

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