Be Proud and Stand United as Sabahans

In Sabah, we must unite and maintain our common identity as SABAHANS and be proud to be one. We, Sabahans have every right to be proud of our Sabahans’ identity, language and culture.


“The call by the Sabah Mufti to hasten the Malaynization of Muslim natives in Sabah is actually a blessing in disguise and an eye opener for Sabahans that they are being used and used over and over by the federal/Malaya authorities to divide and rule the people of Sabah and maintain the colonial regime of Malaya over Sabah” said Datuk Dr.Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR SABAH in weighing in on the issue of Malaynization of Sabahans.

“We need to look beyond the Mufti who while voicing his personal opinion was actually giving a reflection of the divide and rule policy of the federal racist regime and splitting further the already disunited Sabahans” added Dr. Jeffrey.

Sabahans are already being divided into Muslims and non-Muslims and being pitted against one another by the ruling Umno/BN government. No matter how or what the Chief Minister or the federal authorities denies it, it does not mean that the secret and covert operations to Malaynize and Islamize the natives of Sabah does not exist.  It exists in reality to the extent natives are recorded as Muslims and Malays in their Mykads although they are not and the authorities make it difficult to rectify such “mistakes”.

In reality, Sabah has always been peaceful and harmonious with diverse multi-ethnic and multi-religious groups to the extent in many families, they would have multi-religious members.

The Malaynization call gives a window of opportunity for all Sabahans to stand-back and re-assess the divide and rule policies of the federal authorities.


All Sabahans need to take a united stand and assert ourselves and adopt “PROUD TO BE A SABAHAN” regardless of our ethnicity, race or religion” urged Dr. Jeffrey.  

We cannot allow Sabahans to be divided by ethnicity, race and religion and be used as mere pawns in the political power game by the Umno/BN regime so that they can continue to colonize and control Sabah. And at the same time the Umno/BN regime will continue to rape and plunder Sabah’s riches and wealth to finance Malaya’s development at the expense of Sabahans.

“Whether we are Bajau, Suluk, Dusun, Bisaya, Kedayan, Kadazan, Murut, Rungus, Sungei, Brunei, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani or the rest of the 32 plus ethnic groupings, we are all, first and foremost, Sabahans” stressed Dr. Jeffrey.

In this regard, Sabah has prevailed where Malaysia or 1-Malaysia has failed. Sabahans have always been one big and close family. We should not allow the importation of Malayan culture and policies to destroy the very fabric of harmonious multi-ethnic and multi-religious Sabah.

In the Peninsula, instead of nation-building, the Umno/Malay leaders are promoting racism and religious division and racial bigotry. Instead of promoting a Malaysian identity, everyone there is divided into Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. Sabahans are then caught and placed in the humiliating “Others” or “Lain-lain” category. 

The term “Malay” is only a constitutional definition in the federal constitution and should not be used to eliminate the multi-ethnic groups in Sabah. An Indian or Pakistani Muslim may be constitutional Malay, he will always be an Indian or Pakistani Muslim by race and can be seen when they call themselves Malays but set up their own Indian Muslim associations.  Similarly, a Bajau or Dusun Muslim will not lose their race dignity and identity.

In Sabah, we must unite and maintain our common identity as SABAHANS and be proud to be one. We, Sabahans have every right to be proud of our Sabahans’ identity, language and culture.

Sabah is the third biggest palm oil producer in the world, the second biggest oil and gas producer in Malaysia, the second biggest contributor to the federal treasury, yet Sabahans are the poorest Malaysians.

If we allow ourselves to be further divided and continue to be governed as a colony and 12th subservient State by UMNO/Malaya and if we fail to take charge of our own destiny and future and to control and manage our own resources, there is little hope in the future for all Sabahans” added Dr. Jeffrey.


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