Re-convene RCI Urgently to Investigate Fake ICs ~ Dr Jeffrey

Further investigations may very well lead all the way to the culprits responsible for the issuance of fake or dubious ICs and MyKads in Sabah.

Image“PM Najib and the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah (RCI) should take immediate steps to re-convene and hear fresh and further evidence from new witnesses from security guards arrested recently with fake ICs including the Ambank murder cum robbery suspect” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, commenting on news of the arrest of the Ambank case suspect and other arrests of foreigners with fake ICs purportedly given in Sabah but alleged to be Sabahans.

The spate of arrests of fake Sabahans and fake ICs would give a fresh lead to the RCI to probe deeper into the issuance of fake ICs in Sabah and the stealing of identities as alleged Sabahans.

The further inquiry would also give an opportunity for the authorities to investigate the issuance of the fake ICs through the wide powers and scope of investigations under the RCI.

The investigations would also help to clear the misconceptions circulating against genuine Sabahans in the Peninsular who are viewed with suspicions that they may be illegals and their ICs are fakes.  It is unacceptable for genuine and innocent Sabahans to bear the brunt of the consequences of the fake ICs given in Sabah to foreigners.

Last but not least, further investigations may very well lead all the way to the culprits responsible for the issuance of fake or dubious ICs and MyKads in Sabah.

If the RCI is not re-convened, it will only lead to further speculations and suspicions against the Najib administration and the impartiality and ultimate and true objective of the RCI.

Surely, the PM would not wish his hands to be tainted with accusations of cover-up of the culprits responsible for the fake ICs and to protect their Umno/BN voters for hire and that the RCI is a political tool and gimmick to fool genuine Sabahans.

At the same time, the RCI would not wish to be branded as a toothless tiger and used by the federal government and not really serious to dig deep into the roots of the problems of illegals, issuance of dubious ICs and now fake MyKads and voters for hire recruited by the Umno special taskforce led by current Umno leaders.

“On behalf of the silent majority and as an elected representative, I am making this special and urgent appeal to PM Najib and the RCI to re-convene the RCI hearings to hear fresh evidence of the fake ICs from Sabah and the fake Sabahan security guards.  I am quite sure most of right thinking Sabahans and Malysians will support my appeal” said Dr Jeffrey.

The ball is now at the feet of PM Najib and the RCI.


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